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We repair all models of Huawei phones, from Huawei Nova to the latest Huawei P40 Pro Plus

At the UR PHONE Preston Huawei Repair Centre, we have a reputation for offering quick, good quality Huawei mobile phone repairs at affordable prices.

We repair all models of Huawei ranging from Huawei Nova 5t to the latest Huawei P40 Pro Plus, whatever problem you’re experiencing we are confident we can help.

All our Huawei mobile phone repairs come with a full six-month warranty for peace of mine, we only use full spec Huawei parts in all our repairs.

Customers who live in the Preston area can choose between our walk in repair centre or FREE to use door-to-door services. Those Huawei owners who do not live in Preston area are still able to use our service. They just need post us their handset and we will return it using the first class insured post.

Regardless of the problem with your Samsung Galaxy mobile has, we can carry out the repair.

  • 100% satisfied customers
  • Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for repairs
  • Service prices are much lower than any other service centre
  • 6 month warranty on all mobile phone repairs
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Huawei Mobile Phone Repair Specialists

Here are some of the Huawei Mobile Phone Repairs our Preston repair centre can deal with:

Huawei Mobile Screen Repairs

Cracked Huawei mobile phone screens are common, but our technicians can repair/replace screens in no time at all.

When dropped, Huawei handset LCD screens tend to crack or break, so a broken screen is something most owners experience at some point.

If your Huawei digitizer or LCD is smashed, pop in to see our technicians at the UR PHONE Preston Huawei Repair Centre. We will carry out the repair to a high standard. Our repairs are carried out quickly and for a low price. We only use genuine Huawei parts, so offer a full six-month warranty with all repairs.

People who live in Preston and the surrounding area have the option to use of our free and easy to use pick up service. We will come to a local address to collect your Huawei mobile phone and return the repaired phone back to you in 24 hours or less. If you do not live near Preston, simply mail us your damaged phone to use our fast, high quality repair service.

Huawei Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

Replace Your Faulty Huawei mobile phone battery

If your Huawei mobile phone does not charge or barely holds a charge, it may be that it needs a new battery. UR PHONE Preston Huawei Repair Centre can repair all battery related issues or install replacement batteries in no time.

We have a hard won reputation for offering a low cost, high quality Huawei repair service, so you will not be disappointed. Our technicians only ever use genuine parts, which is how we are able to offer all of our clients a full six-month warranty.

Those who do not live in Preston can use our Huawei repair centre by sending us their phone via the post. Our team will repair the phone and send it back to the customer in under a day. All parcels are sent with £500 of insurance and are sent using the first class mail service.

Huawei Water Damage

Water damaged Huawei mobile phone repairs

If you have an Huawei mobile phone you probably keep it at your side at all times and you take care of it. However, accidents do happen and Huawei mobile phones can get damaged easily.

Dropping a Smartphone into water is a common accident. Every week the team at the UR PHONE Preston Huawei Repair Centre has to repair at least one waterlogged phone.

The first thing we do is to assess the damage to establish what it will take to repair your water-damaged mobile. Often we can repair your Huawei mobile phone in less than two hours.

All repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. The we use high quality replacement parts means there is rarely any need for our customers to use their warranty.

People from Preston can also use our walk-in service. Alternatively, we will pick up a broken Huawei mobile phone from any local address. Once it is repaired we will deliver it back to the client either at home or work, and this service is free. Customers from outside the area can use our mail repair service.

Huawei Mobile Phone Charging Port

Huawei Charging Port Repairs

If your Huawei mobile phone will not charge, your charger could need replacing or repairing. We see this problem every week at the UP PHONE Huawei Repair Centre Preston, so can solve the problem quickly.

Our team is known for providing an affordable, fast and dependable service. Many phones can be repaired in a few hours and most others are repaired within a day. If you live in Preston, pop in and tell our team about your Huawei mobile issues. There is also a mail service, which those who do not live in the area can use. Post us your phone and we will diagnose the problem, repair it and send your Huawei mobile back to you on the same day that we receive it.

Every Huawei mobile repair comes complete with a labour and parts six-month warranty. We only ever use high quality parts for our repairs.

Huawei Mobile Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis of Your Huawei Mobile

Huawei mobiles are built to be reliable and they are exactly that, but they do eventually breakdown. If your Huawei mobile starts to develop problems come and see our team of repair experts. We will quickly diagnose the problem and repair your phone. The fact we have years of experience means we never fail to find the root cause of the fault. Most repairs can be done in a couple of hours.

The service we offer at the UR PHONE Preston Huawei Repair Centre is fast, affordable and reliable. We are known, throughout Lancashire, for providing an excellent service and a fast turnaround. Every repair comes with a six-month guarantee. All repairs are made using high quality parts.

Our Huawei mobile phone fault diagnosis service is available in a mail, walk-in or collect and drop off format. Whichever option you choose you are assured of fast, high quality and affordable repairs.

Get your Samsung Galaxy repaired

We offer various ways to get your Samsung Galaxy repaired
Drop & Shop

Drop & Shop

We make it as easy as possible, drop your device off, pop to the shops. Once finished shopping simply head back to pick up your device.
pick up drop off

Pick up & Drop off

For people who live in and around Preston we offer a convenient pickup service. We can come to your office or home to collect and repair your mobile phone. We will then deliver it back to any local address.
mail repair service

Mail Repair Service

Even if you do not live in Lancashire, you can still turn to us for your Huawei mobile repairs. Simply send us your phone and when we receive it, we will immediately repair your gadget and send it straight back. We will do so using the Royal Mail first class service with £500 of insurance coverage.

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